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As a founding partner in the FRESHCOAST™ consortium of production companies and media professionals, we have the flexibility to scale production values and production costs to fit our client’s requirements and budgets.

If your project warrants Ultra High Definition Cinema cameras, a 5 ton grip truck, and twelve person crew, we can provide all that, and more. But we’re equally adept at producing highly effective video within limited budgets.

FRESH COAST PRODUCTION RESOURCES we can draw upon some of best creative talent, crew, and equipment in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

FRESH COAST PRODUCTIONS adds a 2,000 sq. ft. green screen sound studio, audio recording, original music production, and 3D animation to the mix.

FRESH COAST MEDIA completes the picture with DVD and Blu-ray Duplication, Digital Film Transfers, and Video Encoding for any distribution or presentation requirement.

Our partnership with these companies means we can match your needs and budget to the most appropriate production resources, while still retaining full creative control and responsibility for delivering your project on time and on budget. And you’ll never be paying for the overhead of any of these capabilities unless you actually use them.

Anything your production requires.

Never more than you actually need.

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